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Author: Subject: Directional Awareness Four Team Passing Game - [0 Replies | 549 Views]
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posted on 1/18/16 at 12:46 PM
Directional Awareness Four Team Passing Game

Objective: Awareness of Teammates and Opponents Positioning on the Field in Advance of Receiving the Ball

Coaching Points:

1. When and where to pass (timing, accuracy, weight)
2. Looking before receiving
3. Awareness of player positions before receiving the ball
4. Awareness of options on the ball before receiving it
5. Awareness of Opponents positions before receiving the pass
6. Maintaining possession of the ball


Warm Up:

1. Two balls per inside team (or more). (2)ís pass to (1)ís and (4)ís pass to (3)ís. The two groups work across each other. Four teams working but in pairs.
2. Directional session now working across each other, needing to know where their teammates are but also where the other numbered players are in the middle. This improves awareness and the peripheral vision of the players.
3. A good lead in to everyone being free in the area and passing and moving later.
4. Players need to look before they receive, see what the options are in advance of the ball.

Get the full session plus diagrams

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