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Recent outage
Eagle1 - 5/19/17 at 08:29 PM

Sorry folks I somehow missed renewing the domain on time, it was corrected as soon as I found out it was late. We've been a bit busy here recovering after a bit of rain, like 12 to 16 inches in 12 hours and it just slipped by me. Everything should be back to normal at this time.

Well I still have to gather up a 100 or so dump truck loads of rock and dirt from the creek bottom and put it back on the top of the emergency spillway but I'll get the in month or 3...

AHW - 5/20/17 at 07:39 AM

Thanks for keeping the forum up and running. I didn't understand your instructions later yesterday--so I'm just hoping that my work computer's server looks for the right thing next week.

Eagle1 - 5/20/17 at 11:00 AM

The DNS info should resolve itself with time.