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  1. All Divisions ending in (SW) are state wide divisions and there there was no regional split for that season. These are coded different than divisions with regional splits. This has been used mostly on the women's side but I added the men's possibilities for my sanity.
  2. When you search by Team Name it uses all possible matches so you may get more than you intended look at your results and then modify the name to narrow your results. This is tough nut to crack unless I require EXACT Team Names which makes the function useless since the exact team name can and often does changes over time.
  3. Currently Team Name ONLY searches will NOT return the full division standings just the team records for the seasons selected. I may go back and try to fix that but it is major change.
  4. All division are based on birth year and a letter code assigned by NCYSA, of course this code changes over time and I had to "normalize" the database. For these reasons the database is NOT exactly the same as NCYSA but the standings are accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Any problems, suggestions or what ever drop me a note at

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